Buttars in the News Again 

State Senator Chris Buttars from West Jordan, Utah is AGAIN in the news for his ridiculous pandering stance on intelligent design. From the AP:
The state Board of Education next week will consider a position statement on the matter. The statement likely will support the current curriculum and include language on teacher sensitivity to student beliefs ... Buttars plans to address the board on his stand that evolution should be taught "as an unsubstantiated theory."

If the board refuses, Buttars said he would request that intelligent design be taught in some sort of humanities class.
"Unsubstantiated theory." This fool is completely ignorant. If this keeps up we're going to get as good a reputation as Kansas.

This comes after his July 18th retraction of his bill that would require teaching intelligent design in class. Of course he on did this because "State Board of Education director Patti Harrington assured him that Utah public school curriculum does not teach that man descended from apes," which is good because we DIDN'T DECEND FROM APES, but a common ancestor. He would have known this previously if he'd actually read a book. I can't help but imagining Harrington snickering to herself as she assured Buttars that this wasn't taught, simply because it ISN'T TRUE. 


Posted: Fri - August 26, 2005 at 02:46 PM