Commodore 64 All-in-One! 

Commodore 64 All-in-one Joystick
Check this out: A joystick, loaded with a complete Commodore 64 unit and 30 classic C-64 games! I've been playing with the little joysticks that have the old arcade gems like Pac-Man, Galaxian, etc., but this just blows them all away. Unfortunately, the only place to get them appears to be QVC, as they bought the entire run of 250,000. The good news is that they are only $30 (or two for $50.)

With a little hacking, you could turn these into a full C-64 system - if you can only find the keyboard and other ports to solder onto the board. Apparently the thing even comes will a full BASIC ROM. Very cool. I guess I don't really need one because I still have two working machines (and a Lt. Kernel hard drive!) but what cooler thing than having one of these hooked up to the TV?

Read more for listed games, but they include such greats as Impossible Mission 1 & 2, Paradroid, World Karate Champion, and Tower Toppler. Of course if you want to play Toppler, you can download an OS X version here and you can get Freedroid (a Paradroid clone) for OS X here.

Update December 20, 2004: Check out the story in the New York Times about the designer. Linked from here. 

Included Games

• Bull Riding 
• Championship Wrestling 
• Cyberdyne Warrior 
• Cybernoid 
• Cybernoid 2 
• Eliminator 
• Exolon 
• Firelord 
• Flying Disk 
• Gateway to Apshai 
• Impossible Mission 
• Impossible Mission 2 
• Jumpman Jr. 
• Paradroid 
• Pitstop 
• Pitstop 2 
• Rana Rama 
• Silicon Warrior 
• Speedball 
• Summer Games 
• Super Cycle 
• Sumo 
• Surfing 
• Sword of Fargoal 
• Tower Toppler 
• Uridium 
• Winter Games 
• World Karate Champion A 
• World Karate Champion B 
• Zynaps 

Posted: Sat - November 27, 2004 at 12:55 AM