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Tower Toppler, aka Nebulous 1.1.6-1
Mac OS X port of the free software version of Nebulous, written by Andreas Röver
For the official homepage of Toppler, please see http://toppler.sourceforge.net

You know you played this on your C-64 or something when you were a kid. This is a very exacting clone that has all the features of the original (including simulated 8-bit graphics for the main character!) and then some. If you liked the original, you'll love this version as well.

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All downloads and source code are provided AS-IS, and WITHOUT WARRANTY. These files are licensed under the GPL. Please see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for license details.

Download Now

Toppler-1.1.6-1.zip, 3.9 MiB
(64-Bit Intel Binary, requires 10.6.x)

For those still running PPC machines, download the 1.1.1-1, binary, available here

Source Code
Available on GitHub

Please note that this source is a patched version of Andreas' official 1.1.3 source tree. While this source may still build on your Linux box, Windows machine, etc., I cannot guarantee I didn't break something. If you're compiling for something other than OS X, please download the source from the official Toppler homepage, http://toppler.sourceforge.net

Change Log
As always, make sure you thank Andreas Röver, the original author of this code, at the official Toppler website, http://toppler.sourceforge.net



If you have questions, problems, etc., with the binary, please don't email Andreas, as he is not responsible for this port. Please send praise, problems, and flames to jsk@toast442.org